VIVEVE Vaginal Tightening

When it comes to intimate female rejuvenation, you may have many questions about what treatments to trust. Especially given the sensitivity of this area, you should ensure that the proceduce you choose delivers the results you are seeking. Do you want an improvement in sexual arousal and stronger orgasms? Do you leak a bit when you laugh, jump or sneeze? Well Viveve is for you.


Why Viveve?

-improved vaginal form and function

-decreased urinary incontinence

-enhanced sensation during sexual intercourse

-no incisions, surgeries, or needles

-results after one 30-minute session

-zero downtime

About Face offers the very first Viveve device in Albuquerque!

About Face offers the very first Viveve device in Albuquerque!


Who needs it?

Don't make me laugh!
Urinary incontinence isn't funny....

They say laughter is the best medicine, but for individuals struggling with urinary incontinence, I promise that isn't the case. After all, unwanted leakage during life's funniest moments can make a casual social interaction into an embarrassing or cringe-worthy affair. The truth is that urinary incontinence is a common condition for women of a variety of ages. Obesity, childbirth, inactivity, and other causes contribute. You are not alone. The Viveve system can help.

Viveve animated procedure