PDO are the new “IT” procedure

The news and social media are buzzing with the wild images and impressive results of PDO Threads. Polydioxanone sutures are dissolvable collagen threads that can be placed in nearly any body part. Crepey skin, hanging jowls, and loose necks now have a wonderful, non-surgical fix that takes just minutes… but the collagen it builds lasts months.

Lower jaw PDO threadlift

Lower jaw PDO threadlift


smooth threads - Abdomen

Smooth PDO threads are suture like threads that dissolve and stimulate collagen growth in the areas where placed. I created a mesh-like pattern to add structure to the skin on the lower abs. Both the stretch marks and skin laxity will be improved as the threads dissolve. See the amazing results on Instagram and Facebook!


Barbed threads - Lower Jaw

Barbed PDO threads dissolve over time and create lift, volume, and collagen along the way. The ones I used on this jawlift are barbed - yes, like a barbed wire. They gently hook to her dermal layer and allow me to pull and sculpt the jawline and lift the neck. The lift is immediate and improves as the threads dissolve and the face tightens.